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When I started using the post nasal drip remedy I almost imediately started to notice a difference. I am thrilled to have finally found a product that works for me. A natural product that doesn’t make me feel worse and is fast acting

Susan (Germany)


Hello Sinus-Pro. I have been sufferig from halitosis for a good few years now and have been using your homeopathic medicine for a few weeks. It is the best product I have ever used and have already recommend it to many of my family and friend who are also taking it as I am.

Thank you. Lisa (CA - US)


I am very impressed with the fungal allergy remedy. Ive had this condtion for what feels like most of my life and began using the fungal allergy because my symptoms felt the worst they’ve been in years. Since I have been using the fungal tablets, my symptoms are not as severe or frequent as they used to be! I am extremely impressed with this product.

Patsy, NM


I want to share my experience with sinus-pro after taking it 2 times daily for a month. My nose isn’t as stuffy or runny anymore and I don’t sound nasally but most of all I feel like that general unwell feeling is gone. I'm one happy customer.

Ivan (Puerto Rico)


After my experience with your company I will suggest that all polyps suffers use your products before even considering surgery. All the products descriptions and details are set out in a simple understandable way and the information from your website and fedback is invaluable.

Delivery of the products are great and on time – Amy (VT - US)

Thank you for the attached information. I've been taking Sinus Pro remedy for stress/sinus headaches as per the administration guidelines and my typical 'Monday and Tuesday afternoon back to work' stress/stuffy head and sinus headaches have indeed dissipated for the past few weeks I've been taking the remedy (quite amazing to me so I am happy to continue!!!).

Thank you-
E. Wehner

I read an article on your website about 6 weeks ago and called in to place an order. My symptoms have gotten better and I am starting to feel good in myself again, im even sleepin better. For months I would twist and turn in bed, taking otc meds to help or watch late night tv. After just a week on the general sinus tablets, I sleep right through and don’t wake up. I feel refreshed when I awake not stuffy and clogged. This is totally amazing!

Thank you for a wonderful product Zelda (NY - US)


I couldn’t decide if your headache remedy was the correct one for me so gave your number a call and placed an order with your agent. The sinus headache remedy arrived on time and have had absolute success when using it. Haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Thanks Sinus-Pro Ina (AL - US)


I ordered your hayfever and allergy product as well as the post nasal drip remedy about 2 months ago. I am very happy with the results.  Allergies and the constant drip aren’t a problem anymore.  I bought your product after your company replied to an email I had sent.  What a relief to see improvement, especially since I had almost given up on anything else working. I also wanted to thank you for the information on your website, it has helped me understand my condition a lot better.

Elizabeth (NY - US)


Wonderful results from your Nasal Polyps Extra strength remedy. Smell & taste have improved fantastically.
can blow my nose!!!!

With thanks


When I first saw the sinus-pro pressure bottle, I thought, NO WAY. I mean, these tiny sugar pills? How could that do anything? But it turns out lots of homeopathic medications are given this way and I found out first hand it works great. No more pressure and blockage.

Definitely does the trick! Carol (ID - US)


I started using your chronic sinus and your general sinus remedies when my eldest son was born (he is 4 years old now). I recently gave birth to my second son and had similar sinus problems again. I remembered how natural and effective sinus-pro was for me to take even when I was breast feeding. Again all symptoms gone and I can get back to being a happy mom.

THANK YOU soooo much! Tanya (AL - US)


I was pleasantly surprised as I was leaving for work this morning.  When I opened my front door my package from you was waiting for me.  I am not sure if it was delivered last evening or early this morning, but what a surprise that it arrived even earlier than the expected delivery date!

Thank you so much for your superior customer service!


Thank you for your emails. I think the Sinus headache remedy is working. For the 4 weeks I took it I only had the one headache which was mild. I ran out a few days ago as I couldn't really tell how many were left in the bottle, and today I have had the mother of all headaches. That says something doesn't it? now I can't wait for my next delivery!

Thanks for your help, Lisa.

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