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The Sinus-Pro Nasal Polyps product gives me a feeling of security and ease of breathing.

My polyps had gotten so bad I was stuck in life. Afraid to go to sleep, that I may not wake up, yet afraid of the very costly operation, which has no promises from the doctor that you don't need it again. I'd wake up tired after not sleeping and combined with sleep apnoea it was horrible. In the morning I'd wonder "did I lose any brain cells whilst not breathing last night ?" :-p

I had the option to have an operation, but after watching youtube clips and comments I read, people have had operations up to 5 times as the polyps grew back.

Thank you for helping me to sleep at night and me avoiding the operation. Maybe 10 years from now I might have an operation who knows, but for now the Sinus-Pro Nasal Polyps product is great !

Thanks for your great product. Without it I could not breathe. Without breathing I suppose I wouldn't be writing this ! :-)

It seriously is a great help to breathe !
Lester Jacob
Sydney, Australia.


I want to thank u so much for your sinus formulas almost three years ago I was diagnosed with nasol polys and I did not have the insurance to have the surgery witch I was told was the only thing that would help me then I found your website and ordered your general sinusitis formula first then you nasol polyp formula along with your sinus pressure formula. Well at first I didnt think it was going to work well. I have finished all of the formulas went to the doctor a week ago and was told there is no sign of any polyps at all I am sleeping better don’t have that all time congested feeling and am feeling wonderful. Thank you so much for my life back sincerely

Esther (Michigan - US)
I would  tell anyone suffering with sinus problems try your formulas they work wonders!!!


Post nasal drip and sinus infections sent me to the doctor three or four times a year for the past 18+ years causing me to lose work and family time. I have been taking the post nasal drip medicine along with the general sinus medicine and am definitely noticing the symptoms disappear.

Well done – Brian, CA


For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from bad breath. I have tried many prescribed treatents, but it has always returned. In October I was introduced to your sinus-pro products. I purchased the halitosis remedy and am so glad I did, I haven’t had my bad breath return yet. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.

Steven (Australia)


I love your remedy and appreciate how fast you shipped them out to me. Keep up the good work. I ran into an old friend of mine which I haven’t seen in a whlile who said I looked refreshed and bright which I feel, I don’t have bags under my eyes and feel im constantly smiling. The fungal allergy remedy is amazing.

Thank you. Hilda (PA - US)


I wanted to let you know how much your rhinnitis and allergy Products has helped me. I was on otc sinus medications, prescription drugs, for over 13 years. Better late than never I suppose.

Patric (TN - US)


Things are going very well indeed! Since I started taking the Sinus-pro remedy for nasal polyps in May I have experienced a great improvement in breathing through my nose and being able to sleep at night. My wife is so happy that I no longer snore loudly at night and no longer have the "hard breathing" and sometimes even "stop breathing" symptoms that I was having. We are really pleased and excited to not have to have the polyps surgically removed and to have such wonderful improvement in under two months. In addition, I am also taking the Sinus-pro allergy remedy and that has greatly helped reduce and even some days completely eliminate my sneezing and allergic reaction to all the pollen, etc. that exists where I live. You guys are doing a great job! And I especially appreciate your timely and caring reponses to my emails. Thanks so much Robert


I have been taking your General Sinusitis Remedy for about 2 months and have noticed dramatic improved sinus health.

Ian (NY - US)


I have suffered with chronic sinusitis which resulted in the loss of smell for the past five months. After trying 3 other products sold on the internet with no success and desperate to be able breathe I ordered the Sinus-Pro Nasal Polyps. Within one week from receiving your product I feel 100% better and I am able to smell again. My nasal passages are getting clearer by the day and it is a joy to eat again and enjoy the taste of food. I can’t wait to see how good I feel after I finish taking the product.

Thanks for such an awesome product, and you can be sure I will recommend this products to anyone with sinus problems in the future.

Sincerely, Rick (VT- US)


I've been taking your nasal polyp remedy for about 3 months now after finding sinus-pro on the internet. I decided to use your product before going “under the knife” for the 5th time. I have no regrets and have since cancelled operation number 5. The polyps are gone, I can breathe better, smell and taste again and notice that I don’t tire as quickly as I used to

Mona (SC - US)


For a long number of years I have been troubled with headaches, ive taken a lot of prescriptions pills and over the counter goodies. Just over a month ago I came across sinus-pro on the web and decided to put you guys to the test, in just two weeks I found my headaches weren’t as painful. I found myself a lot more at ease and after three months I am now completely free from all the pain and anxiety.

Michelle (Greece)

I am delighted to inform you that Mark has been using the product for 36 hours now and amazingly the difference was apparent within the first 6 hours.  He can now breathe through his nose, which makes the night-time easier for both of us (2 whole nights without horrific snoring).  I haven't heard him clear his chest for 24 hours and now when he blows his nose, hardly anything comes down.  Truly amazing.

Thank you guys for changing our lives.

I'll keep you posted.
Regards Tracy & Mark (United Kingdom)
I am breathing better and more able to smell and taste on a consistent basis now.  I am more than grateful for that.  I was even able to smell a skunk today and I haven't been able to taste and smell on a continued basis for two years or more. 

Your product is helping me tremendously and I am ever so grateful.  I will keep you posted on my continued progress.

No surgery for me.  YEAH!!!!

Francine (CA - US)

Thank you.  I have used the post nasal drip remedy in the past and it really worked...It has been pretty bad lately, so I'm taking it again. 

Rose (VA - US)


So far so good.  I started tabs on Friday. On Sunday i had terrible pain in front of sinuses but very localised after that wonderful i can now run without the cold hitting my forehead and  causing pain which then made me bend my head and made the whole thing worse.  My eyesight has improved went without glasses on my run this morning.  I just cannot believe the improvement I have been putting up with this for years and gradually it takes over your whole life.  I am so pleased by the fact that I will now be able to increase my running mileage and speed cos it is so much easier. I used to get dizzy and when I looked down the road did not seem stable BUT NOW WONDERFUL  -  THANK U SO MUCH ANN I shall certainly recommend u to anyone here who has problems.

Sheila (United Kingdom)


I've been using sinus-pro 2x per day since I received it.  The sinus infection has finally cleared after a week using the product.  One nostril was block solid before I used sinus-pro, and after 2 weeks it finally partially opened. 

Greg (PA -US)

I can't believe the improvement in my condition. The sinus drainage stopped after the first day. By day 2, the upper respiratory congestion and heavy coughing had stopped. The stuffy nose in the early morning is finally going away and a I have quit using the 12 hour nasal spray before I go to bed. No morning headache either.
About an 1/2 an hour after I get up the last two mornings, I blow my nose and lots of crud comes out with some blood in it. It appears the remedies have broken up the sinus infection that was deep seated in my forehead for so many years and the aftermath of that infection is finally coming out when I blow my nose.
You guys have done what no doctor and no over the counter or prescription medicine has been able to do. This is truly amazing as I thought I was going to need surgery!!! I have no idea how you folks developed these products but I can truly say, you are miracle workers.
Thanks so much, 
Randy (CA)

I received my order today, thank You.  I woke at 1 am and after just 1 dose I was breathing better.

Thank YOU
Donna (Canada)

I took it and I swear an hour after taking it I could tell the difference.  I took it before I went to bed and I actually had a good nite's sleep.  I took it this morning and I am starting to feel really really good again.  Great Great product.

Thanks Kathleen (US)


I just want to write a few words to say how pleased I am since I’ve started using the hayfever and allergy product. I used to be very tired and ill all of the time. Ive been using your allergy tablets for about 3 months now and have “almost” forgotten what its like to have allergies. I would recommend these to anyone who feels like I did as I’ve had great results.

Maxine (MI - US)

My son Jakob's sinus condition is virtually over! We've heard no coughing, and the runny nose stopped earlier on. So, I'm convinced that the remedy was effective. Jakob has just contracted a cold, and I may restart the remedy to help with that aspect.

My own experience with the sinus pressure remedy is that it is also cleared up.

thanks for all of your help.
Jocelyn (US)

Hi, I started taking the post nasal drip tablets and they are working. I must admit they work immediately. I will spread the word about your product in Barbados.



You can add another satisfied customer to your list.  Within three days of taking the General Sinusitis remedies, I noticed that my sinus congestion began clearing up and within ten days, they seem to have returned to normal condition.  It is absolutely remarkable that such a small tablet could have such amazing results.  Thank you.



I used to sneezing terribly for 15 seconds to a minute non stop. I got fed up and googled you guys and ordered the mixed allergens and rhinitis remedy. My sneezing increased for two days and after that it was gone. I have just finished the bottle and feel great.

A tiny pill, a giant website and a killer product, that’s all I have to say. Keep the good work up.

Maggie (UK)


Hello folks! Charles here. ordered the sinus headache remedy last month and the product is fantastic! You got yourself a winning team. Glad to find your wonderful, helpful people. Keep up the great work!

Charles (N.C. - US)


I received my Sinus-Pro Post Nasals Drip remedy last night at bout 8:30 pm I was surprised about the immediate effect. i have been suffering from post nasal drip for 9 months and this is the first time that I feel relief. Thank you for such of wonderful product



I am taking the Sinus-Pro remedy for post nasal drip and it's fantastic.  I feel better already.



" I just received my Sinus-Pro Pressure remedies about 40 days ago.

I was somewhat skeptical before I ordered, but I tried it anyway.

This remarkable little remedy cleared my sinus congestion in two days.
I have tried almost every antibiotic and nasal spray out there. They all seem to work but after two weeks the symptoms come back. It has been over a month and I still feel great.
I can't believe that homeopathy truly works.”



"My post nasal drip has been really bad. I go through a box of tissues every day. My nasal passages are raw and it hurts. I took your chronic sinusitis product for 3 weeks now and I feel such a big difference. I am still on one box of tissues and it has been 3 weeks.
Thank you and my bad breath seems to be gone.
I will recommend your Chronic Sinusitis products to everyone I know."

Kyle (Canada)


Thanks for your reply. I love your product Sinus Pro Mixed Allergy, it has been the best product that has helped me with my allergies in years.

Carlos (US - NY)


Wow! You guys are really fast & efficient, considering that I'm located in Singapore which is in South East Asia..... I'm really impressed!!

Kalleen (Singapore)


Every summer I try and stay in 'cause my hayfever gets really bad. My sisters saw your website and ordered me a Hayfever & Allergy remedy. I took it and completed the whole course and this summer I feel fine. I still get a little itchy on my eyes but that I can live with.
Thank you.
May God be with you.

Jane (US - NY)


Thank you. This is wonderful service.  My husband started using them straight away.  Because he has just had a head cold and his sinuses are full of polyps he is very uncomfortable.  He has just finished a course of antibiotics and steroid tablets, and the polyps are blocking off already.  He just came home for lunch and said one side has just come unblocked and he is feeling much better."Thank you so much for you Nasal polyps remedy.


I have almost completed use of the fungus allergy formula. I have had no symptoms for the last four weeks.



I have been taking the Stress remedy for 3 weeks now and am feeling much better. My neck muscles aren't as tense and i generally feel "lighter".
Thank you so much as i can relax again.

Matthew (UK)


It’s now been 1½ months since I started using the sinus pressure remedy and the difference is really amazing. I can’t remember breathing so freely and not having that constant band of pressure around my head. I feel more energetic too!  I’m really happy about my decision to go with your products.

Bernadette (MO - US)


Last November, I was diagnosed with a bad case of chronic sinus infection. My family Doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic that freed me of the infection but I was still fatigued, congested and had the occasional sinus pressure and headaches. I gave your product a try (chronic sinus infection remedy). To my surprise, the symptoms was gone within three weeks and I was able to go back to a normal life! Ive just finished the bottle.

Raymond ( CO - US)

I finish the Sinus-Pro Fungal Allergy remedy. I can't tell you how happy it makes me, to be getting better.


Grass, dust and grass are things that I try to avoid every day, to no avail. I have tried many products but I must say I am extremely impressed with Sinus-Pro mixed allergens remedy. It has only been 1 week now, and I don’t have any sneezing or headaches anymore. I hope this helps for life. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for great products and assistance.



As requested, here is my progress report -my bad breath is finally starting to clear up. Even my wife commented on how the "foul smell" has lessened after only 2 weeks. I am following the instruction guide and am looking forward to no more smelly breath, thanx for you halitosis remedy.

Keith (Australia)


Not long ago I've ordered myself Sinus-Pro Chronic Sinusitis product for my wife and the results have been great. My wife hasn't had sinus problems since. Thanks for your help.

Giovanni (Australia)


After several visits to my Ent, i finally stumbled onto your website. Since then i can't thank you enough for this wonderful Rhinitis Remedy remedy. Within a week i started to feel a little better and on my 4th week my runny nose has completely cleared.

Thank you once again Sinus-Pro.
Wendy (Japan)


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