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  Persistent Sinusitis Remedy


I have had multiple sinus infections and repeated bouts of bronchitis. Tired, stressed and was put on many sets of antibiotics which only worked for short periods. Just 4 weeks into my  treatment with sinus-pro remedies, I felt major relief. Every day seemed better then the last. I was a worried that the results will again be short term but it has now been 6 months and I have not had an infections and the coughing has completely stopped. My life has change for the better. To the guys at Sinus-pro, do not stop what you are doing and thanks for everything.

 Mike Haynes (LA)

Persistent sinusitis is a prolonged condition which an individual has suffered with for long periods of time; it is one of the main reasons patients visit their GP/Doctors…

Prescribed medications such as antibiotics are often the only recommended treatment showing minimal results. The outcome… hundreds, if not thousands of dollars being spent on over the counter medication in a bid to rid oneself of chronic sinusitis.

The Sinus-Pro, Persistent Sinusitis Remedy is unlike any conventional treatment for Persistent Sinusitis as it targets not only the presenting sinusitis symptoms but also helps your body fight off the infection and resist future infections. Don't suffer anymore. GET RELIEF TODAY!

The Sinus-Pro, Persistent Sinusitis Remedy helps alleviate:

  • Persistent Sinusitis
  • Recurrent Sinus Infections
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Green nasal mucus
  • Sinus Pressure / Pain
  • Fever
  • Congestion
  • Burning nasal discharge
  • Nasal bleeding accompanying Sinusitis
  • Swelling, inflammation in the nasal passages
  • A nasally sounding tone in your voice
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Rhinitis and sneezing



 Order our Persistent Sinusitis remedy NOW!
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The Sinus-Pro, Persistent Sinusitis remedy is a Homeopathic Complex that will address most cases of Chronic Sinusitis.

This formula has been made with the freshest ingredients and exact precision to ensure that our Persistent Sinusitis Remedy is both unique and effective.

This remedy treats any of the above symptoms and has no known side effects. If you have any questions or need assistance with the remedies please email us at:

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How does the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy work?

The Chronic Sinusitis Remedy contains and array of Homeopathic Ingredients designed to help assist in the effective removal and treatment of bacteria containing nasal mucus.

Silica, one of the ingredients found in the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties thereby reducing any swelling and inflammation of the sinus cavities and nasal passages whilst regulating and restoring normal mucus production and flow.

Thuja, another powerful ingredient found in this remedy goes to work on bacteria containing mucus, promoting the expulsion of this sometimes yellow/green mucus thereby riding the body of unwelcome and damaging bacteria.

How has the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy helped others?

Prior to taking the chronic infection remedy Id been on a constant supply off antibiotics and was still the same. I was doing some research on the web and came along your products. I saw a few products that I could be interested in and so sent my details to you via email. The email response recommended I try the chronic remedy.. Since starting thiss prduct I feel more energetic and less drained, my mucus isn’t bright green anymore too. I certainly wont be taking antibiotics again! – Josh, FL

My yellowy, green mucus is gone, I hardly have headaches and pain any more … all alleviated with the chronic sinusitis remedy. I have used this product before and loved the results I got. I recently had a bad case of the flu which turned into a sinus infection, this time I didn’t reach for the antibiotics and otc meds but took the chronic sinusitis tablets. Thank you for such a wonderful product! – Kimberly, IN

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How do I use the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy?

Place one pellet/tablet from the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy under the tongue twice daily allowing it to dissolve. Leave the dissolved particles in the mouth for 2 - 3 minutes before swallowing.
Should some of the pellet/tablet not dissolve within a minute of taking, chew the pieces and thereafter leave in the mouth for 2-3 minutes.

The pleasant taste of Sinus-Pro Remedies makes them easy to take.

Dosages remain the same for both adults and children; 1 tablet placed under the tongue in the morning and 1 tablet placed under the tongue at night.

The Sinus-Pro Remedies are Homeopathic Preparations and can be taken safely during pregnancy and breast feeding as well as by young children (safe for all ages). Should you be unsure of the safely of Sinus-Pro remedies during pregnancy or breast feeding, please consult with your family GP or Health Care Professional before use.

It is recommended that one keep the Sinus-Pro Remedies out of reach of children.

How can you Benefit from Homeopathy?

All Sinus-Pro Remedies work on a holistic, Homeopathic level targeting the body's healing mechanism from the inside out. This provides for long-term and safe relief from a number of common symptoms.

Homeopathic ingredients are derived from plant, animal (in rare cases) and mineral items. The items are then diluted and triturated millions of times over ensuring that the healing properties and not the physical items remain. It is these energies which form part of the Homeopathic Remedies and is what sets homeopathy apart from herbal remedies.

Homeopathy aims to restore optimal body functioning and homeostatic equilibrium by targeting the underlying or deeper causes behind ones symptoms. It supports and assists the body systems during healing thereby providing sure and sound healing which remains for long periods of time and reduces the future incidence of one re-developing the same condition.

Another method in which Homeopathy achieves long term healing is by identifying that every individual is different and as such healing will be experienced differently by each and every individual.

It is essential that all directions given are followed whilst taking the Sinus-Pro remedies.

How long will 1 bottle of the Persistent Sinusitis Remedy last?

One 75cc bottle contains approximately 176 tablets
It will last approximately 84 days (based on the recommended daily dosage or 2 tablets taken daily).
Course durations will last for longer if taken as a maintenance dose or for a shorter period of time if dosage is increased.

Learn more about Homeopathy:


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