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Ethmoid Sinusitis
Ethmoid Sinuses

The pain between and around the eyes that accompanies ethmoid sinusitis can be especially difficult to bear for those who wear prescription glasses. With causal factors that include allergens, viral and bacterial agents, and environmental contaminants, ethmoidal sinusitis can be contracted quite easily.

This condition starts out as a small inflammation, but when left untreated can become chronic and even lead to abscesses around the eye. It is best to nip this form of sinusitis in the bud with an effective homeopathic medicine from Sinus-Pro. It identifies and fights the underlying cause of the condition as opposed to just providing short-term relief.

What are Ethmoid Sinuses?

The ethmoid sinuses are located within the human skull between the eye sockets and above the nose. Ethmoid sinuses are matchbox-sized areas filled with 7 to 10 interconnected bubbles made of very thin-walled bone. These bubbles are lined with mucus membrane and each bubble has its own opening to drain into the nasal cavity.

When the lining of the ethmoid sinuses becomes inflamed, they swell. This inflammation causes a blockage of the ostia. As a result, the flow of mucus is reduced and it accumulates in the ethmoid sinuses. Over time this build-up causes an infection known as ethmoid sinusitis or ethmoiditis.

What causes Ethmoid Sinusitis?

  • Chronic bacterial infection
  • Allergens (environmental pollutants)
  • Foreign bodies
  • Fungal infections
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Trauma
  • Tumors
  • Viral infection

Homeopathic remedies target the factor that causes the condition, fix it and over time, immunize the body against the condition. Sinus-Pro’s homeopathic medicines do not merely suppress the sinusitis condition, but build body resistance to fight it and keep it at bay.

For ethmoidal sinusitis resulting from fungal infections, Sinus-Pro’s Fungus and Allergy Remedy can treat the condition effectively. Our range of sinusitis medicines not only heal your sinuses but also increase your body’s resistance and prevent frequent bouts of the condition from recurring.

Fungal Infections
Fungus Allergy Treatment Fungus and Allergy Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Sneezing, Congestion, Allergies, Pain and Pressure in the sinus cavities, A Runny or Blocked Nose.
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What are the symptoms of Ethmoid Sinusitis?

  • Headaches in the temple area or surrounding the eye
  • Pain in the lower forehead
  • Stuffy nose
  • Post nasal discharge (postnasal drip)
  • Sinus pressure around the inner corners of the eyes
  • Fever
  • Sore throat

Say Goodbye to Ethmoid Sinusitis with Sinus Pro’s Homeopathic Remedies

Sinus-Pro has just the homeopathic medicine you need to combat ethmoid sinusitis and normalize your sinuses. There are absolutely no side-effects of using Sinus-Pro remedies and they can be safely used by ethmoid sinusitis sufferers of all ages.



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