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The cilia (microscopic hair that sweeps secretions in your nasal cavity) move back and forth, moving the mucus (dust, germs and pollen) through the sinuses until they are flushed out into the stomach (via the back of the throat). This is how the body prevents bacteria from entering the body while you are breathing through your nose.

Sinusitis is typically caused by a bacterial infection such as:

  • S.pneumoniae
  • H.influenza
  • M.catarrhalis

Since the sinuses connect directly with your nose, the main sign of a sinus infection is a stuffy nose and extensive drainage from the nose.

The main reason why Sinusitis can be so debilitating is that a sinus infection weakens the body's mechanism (the cilia) of keeping away more infections. Blocked sinuses are the ideal place for bacteria to live and multiply.

Healthy sinuses have cilia that move bacteria out of the sinus, however if the cilia don't beat fast enough due to a bad cold, flu or blocked sinuses then it will result in a sinus infection.

The worse your sinuses get, the worse your infection gets.

Bacterial Sinus Infection
Treatment for Allergies caused by fungus Fungus Allergy Remedy
Assist in the treatment of Congestion, Pain and Pressure, Sneezing, A Runny or Blocked Nose and Sinusitis.

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