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What is Mucocele?

The mucocele can also be known as a collection of fluids or extravasation phenomenon and can occur when the swelling of the connective tissue due to irritation, inflammation or unknown causes results in mucin (protein that can be found in an individual’s salvia and in mucus) collecting in the mucocele formation.

Numerous activities and trauma’s can cause the salivary duct to rupture or become injured resulting in a lesion such as a mucocele, cyst or cavity formation.

When mucin protein mixes with the salvia it forms a plaque that contains bacteria.  Any infected mucocele is known as a pyocele.

Sinus mucocele are normally located in the Frontal, Ethmoid and occasionally in the Maxillary sinus cavities and can cause immense discomfort, pain, affect your breathing pattern, nasal obstructionand and in severe cases cause bone deterioration. In some cases blindness may occur should large mucocele/s develop in the Frontal and Ethmoid sinus cavities.

Mucocele present in the Maxillary sinus cavities can lead to sinusitis and blocked nasal passages or congestion.

Mucocele can affect all generations and all sexes. In most recent studies the younger generation specifically young adults and adolescents have been reported to suffer more with this condition.


What does Mucocele look like?

The mucocele appears as a clear and transparent swelling originating from the mucosa or membrane lining. It is also painless and soft and will be stretched with overlying tissue and filled with fluid that has accumulated beneath the tissue.
There may be singular lesions or multiple lesions forming on the mucus membranes and most do disappear after a few weeks.


Causes of Mucocele

The most common causes of mucoceles are chronic infection, allergic sinonasal disease, trauma and previous surgery.

Treatment of  Mucocele

As cases of this condition are rare and not reported, treatment has not been fully established yet. There are various treatments available, however nothing that is fully effective and safe has been reported yet.

  1. Endoscopic surgery is one of the treatments offered for this condition.

The procedure consists of an endoscope together with a navigation system, which is used fenestrate the cyst or lesion. The navigation system is inserted via sublabial transmaxillary method and is used to precisely fenestrate the cyst or lesion.

Sinusitis is not a life threatening condition but left untreated can wreak havoc on your life and health.



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