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Heart Burn

Although the condition’s name may suggest that is has something to do with the heart, this is entirely false and misleading as heartburn has nothing at all to do with the heart.
Some symptoms can be similar to when one has a heart attack, but no known researched has proved any such theory although chest pains and heartburn are difficult to distinguish.

Heart Burn can also be referred to as GERD and is mostly referred to as GERD when found in pregnant women. This condition starts when different food variants are consumed and a burning or painful sensation if felt in the Esophagus.
This burning sensation usually occurs just below the breast bone as a result of acid reflux. This sensation can often be felt through out the neck and throat and can extend to the maxillary region (teeth/jaw) of the facial area.

Heartburn can cause chronic coughing as well as other sinus related conditions.

An antacid should be taken to help over come heartburn when an individual has trouble swallowing, feels a burning sensation in their mouth or has an acidic bitter taste at the back of their throats.

If an individual is suffering from Asthma, heart burn can worsen the condition. Nausea, burping and a bloated feeling are among the few symptoms one can expect when experiencing this condition.  

What is Heartburn?

Most of us will encounter heartburn in our lives. Heartburn is not a serious condition provided medicines are taken when one has heart burn.

When the condition does however move onto a chronic case, one should consult their dietician or medical practitioner ASAP, as drastic consequences will have to be dealt with if the chronic condition is not treated. This is especially serious and dangerous in cases where women who are pregnant are suffering with Heart Burn (GERD).

In our bodies we have a muscular valve called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter or the LES. This holds stomach acid inside the stomach. Where the esophagus meets the stomach, is where the LES is located.

The LES’s main function is to allow different food variants into the stomach and to allow belching. After this happens, the valve will automatically close again.

The problem arises when the LES is opened for a long time frame or it does not close tightly enough. Stomach acid will now seep into the Esophagus causing an acid reflux and burning the esophagus thus causing heartburn.

Symptoms of heart burn include:

  1. Burning and painful sensations just below your breast bone.
  2. Weakening or a hoarse voice
  3. Sore throat
  4. Bad Breath (halitosis)
  5. Coughing

Cases were studied and it was found, that heartburn occurred mostly in individuals who ate big helping of a rich or fatty meals and foods and slept directly afterwards.
When pressure is applied to the Sphincter muscle, it can also force it to open, allowing stomach acids to seep out. This often occurs when an individual is over weight or when one over indulges. Stress also plays a role in heartburn and increases the acids level in the body.


Treatment for Heartburn

There are various routes and remedies that can be taken if confronted with the condition of GERD or Heart Burn.

  1. An Antacid is one of the quickest heart burn treatments and works excellently to help stomach acids become more neutral.
  2. Another remedy that gives ultimate relief is liquid antacid that coat your Esophagus. There are various strength antacids and some are more effective then the rest. The ingredients that go into liquid antacids help clam the burning sensation being experienced. Please follow pharmacist or doctor’s advice when taking the antacid.
  3. Proton pump inhibitors can also be taken. This helps with the reduction of stomach acids formation.
  4. If all fails surgery can be looked into and researched. This option should only be considered once all other treatments have failed or should Esophageal Cancer develop as a result of GERD. The surgery itself is called Laparoscopic Surgery and consists of a miniature video camera being placed into the individual’s body. The surgeon also helps GERD suffers and will wrap the fundus (upper part stomach) around the Esophagus encircling it. This provides a double sphincter mechanism therefore not allowing any stomach acids into the esophagus.

Tips for helping with Heartburn

  • Cut out smoking
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Avoid fizzy drinks
  • Eat healthy, eating smaller portions and try cutting out fatty oily foods.
  • Avoid any meals before sleeping and try munching on healthy snacks such as carrots and bananas when feeling like a snack.

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