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Our Products & Remedies Sinusitis Homeopathy Blocked Sinuses Order Now Nasal polyps sinus Homeopathy Our Products & Remedies Sinusitis Homeopathy Blocked Sinuses Order Now Nasal polyps sinus

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- Post Nasal Drip -
- Persistent Sinusitis -
- Halitosis (Bad Breath)-
- Fungus Allergy -
- Rhinitis -
- Nasal Polyps -
- General Sinusitis -
- Sinus Headache -
- Hayfever & Allergy -
- Sinus Pressure -

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About Us

Sinus-Pro registered under Healing Innovation LL is a company that prides itself on research. 80% of our staff is dedicated towards research, 15% towards customer service and 5% towards admin duties.

We are constantly improving our products.... Many will ask, why improve something if it works? The answer to that is quite simple, we want our products to work better, faster and treat a greater variety of conditions.

Our laboratories and manufacturing facilities are world class. We deliver on our promises and will be with you every step of the way.

When you purchase a Sinus-Pro product you are not only buying the best in homeopathy, but you are assured of a safe and effective product, manufactured in a controlled FDA licensed facility with ingredients from the HPUS. To further validate our claims each product is individually registered with the FDA and has an ndc number as proof.

Sinus-Pro Company Structure:

Sinus-Pro is a well structured company that deals not only with providing quality products but has valued staff that support the brand and products. From our after sales to our customer service, dedication is in every individual and is one of the building blocks used in the founding of this company.

They will do anything in their power to make sure the Sinus-Pro experience is fulfilling and meets the highest standard of the most demanding customer.

Our products are manufactured only from the finest herbs and each ingredient used is proven to be effective.

What makes our products successful:

  1. We only use the finest ingredients from trusted sources
  2. Bacterial testing of all products before packaging
  3. Strict FDA manufacturing practices
  4. Only proven ingredients are used
  5. Designed by world renowned doctors and homeopaths
  6. The products cover a wide range of sinus related conditions such as Sinusitis, Allergies, Nasal Polyps, Hayfever, Rhinitis, Headaches, Congestion and Pain.

Our remedies are manufactured in a FDA approved facility and all our remedies are shipped from the USA worldwide. They are made from natural homeopathic ingredients and have been tested and have no known side effects and are safe for all ages.

When working with us, expect top customer service because we have a passion for healing people. We have a dedicated team of homeopaths who are determined to help you fight your Sinusitis and other sinus related conditions.

Sinus-Pro's research and development department is always searching for new, effective and innovative ways to treat sinus conditions. Click here to view what our remedies look like and what makes them special and different from the rest.

Our Mission

Sinus-Pro's goal is to provide a complete sinus management service with all the information you need to know about sinus and sinus related conditions. We are dedicated to providing relief for a number of sinus conditions like Post Nasal Drip, Sinus Pressure, Hayfever, Nasal Polyps and Bad Breath (Halitosis) just to name a few.

We are dedicated to:

  • Delivering an effective treatment for sinus sufferers.
  • Providing support to our clients.
  • Giving people up to date information on the causes, preventions and treatments of sinus infections.



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