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Principles of Homeopathy

In conventional medicines, drugs are given to kill the bacteria causing it to dampen the symptom of the condition. Homeopaths see the symptom as a positive sign that the body's defense mechanism is trying to fight the underlying cause. Therefore they insist that the symptoms should not be suppressed as we are working against the body's attempt to cure itself. 


These are the laws of Homeopathy

The laws of Similars

The proper remedy for a patient's disease is the substance that is capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person. A substance that is administered in large doses produces the same symptoms of illness in a well person, if the same substance is administered in minute quantities, it will cure the disease in a sick person. Therefore homeopaths will introduce a similar artificial disease into the body which will push the original one out. The dose is so small that there is no danger of any long term side effects.

The laws of Minimum Dose

Extreme dilution (normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water) enhances the healing properties of a substance without any possible side effects. This is the exact opposite of conventional drug, where a minimum dose is required for effect.

Laws of Cure

The three principles of cure means that you will feel better emotionally before you feel better physically. Here are laws of cure:

  • A remedy starts at the top of the body and works downward
  • A remedy works from within the body outward
  • Symptoms clear in reverse order of appearance


These are additional topics on Homeopathy:









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