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What is Hayfever (Allergies)?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to foreign particles like molds and pollen which we inhale into the nose, throat, sinus and even coming to contact with the eyes can cause inflammation of the nasal mucosa. This occurrence may take place throughout the year as the seasons change. Each season, especially summer, may cause cold-like symptoms in a form of runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itching eyes and sinus pressure.

A person’s immune system response is what will determine the severity and frequency of the hay fever occurrence. Therefore, Hey Fever occurs as a result of your immune system’s over-response to foreign particles which we breathe or come to contact with. As soon as our immune system recognizes the presence of these foreign particles, it then reacts in aim of preventing the invasion, but in some people, the immune system becomes overactive and it identifies harmless particles as being dangerous. This then results in a person to experience allergy symptoms, such as inflammation, itching and excess mucus production.

What causes Hayfever?

What causes hay fever is the microscopic particles that get into the nose, this then causes the body to produce antibodies. The causes of this include:

  • Grass pollen - which is usually in summer.
  • Tree pollen – occurs in spring.
  • Mugwort and hybrids – which commonly occurs in autumn.
  • Molds fungus and house dust mites.

Symptoms of Hayfever

  • Runny or blocked noses
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Headaches
  • Itchy throat and mouth
  • Congested nose
  • Itchy palate
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Itchy nose and ears
  • Fatigue

Homeopathic remedies have been found to be more effective in treating allergic conditions, including hayfever, compared to their allopathic counterparts. Hayfever & Allergy Remedy from Sinus-Pro is the best homeopathic solution that you can safely use to get quick and effective relief from all the symptoms of this condition.

Sinus-Pro’s Effective and Natural Treatment for Hay Fever

The Hay Fever & Allergy Remedy will ensure that it effectively gets rid of all your troubling symptoms and prevent them from recurring. No matter what season you are in, our remedy will help you experience each season HayFever FREE.

Our remedy has been proven to be effective in the following ways:

  • Treats all symptoms associated with hay fever
  • Stops the itching
  • Halts the sneezing
  • Clears red eyes
  • Eases the swelling of the eyelids
  • Clears nasal congestion
  • Stops early morning sneezing and sneezing due to exposure to cold
Hayfever - Allergies
Hayfever & Allergy Treatment Hayfever & Allergy Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Sneezing, Runny or Blocked Nose, Itchy eyes and throat and Congestion
Buy Now$28
(30 day supply)
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(60 day supply)

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Tips for Hayfever sufferers

  • In summer, when pollen count is high, it is advisable to stay indoors between 5pm and 7pm. During this time, keep the windows and doors of your home closed.
  • Vacuum clean your home twice or thrice a week.
  • Avoid smoke filled areas or chemical fumes.
  • Use an air conditioner if possible, whether at work, in a car or at home.

While these tips will prepare you when a change in season is around the corner, what you also need is a proven medical solution like the Hayfever & Allergy Remedy from Sinus-Pro. With our homeopathic remedy, you can welcome the new season with confidence and good health. Even if you suffer from perennial hayfever, our remedy will serve as your best defense, preventing frequent bouts and reducing the severity of symptoms.

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