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Grossan irrigator

A. Advantages of using a Grossan irrigator:

  • Helps restore membranes to their natural moistness
  • Helps clean stuffiness and prevents sinus infection
  • Few are safe for children
  • Removes pus from the nose and thins thick secretions
  • Some wash away pollutants, toxins, allergens and dirt
  • Some loosens crusts

Disadvantages of using a Grossan irrigator:

  • Most will cause discomfort in the frontal sinuses
  • May cause abundant explosion of purulent mucous
  • Most are effective only when used in conjunction with other remedies
  • Complex product which requires lot of accessories.

Grossan irrigator's are ideally for people who have bad breath (halitosis) which is caused by a sinus infection. We would recommend it to anyone who suffers from halitosis, if you have tried an irrigator and you didn't get the results you hoped for... then it's time you get more than you've bargained for with the Sinus-Pro halitosis remedy which will not only Stop bad breath. But will:

  • Help destroy bacterial infected mucous
  • Help you breathe through the nose
  • Relief sinus congestion
  • Address underlying stomach problems
  • Help the liver work more efficiently
  • Help the body to eliminate toxins
  • Indigestion
  • Help poor bowel functioning and movement

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