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What does a person’s Nasal discharge indicates?

People may experience a unique form of nasal discharge when their sinuses are infected, and this occurrence is, most of the time, thought to only affect other people while others think they are immune to it. But, what we should keep in mind is that the type of nasal discharge serves as an indication of what might be causing it. 

A person’s nose has mucus secretion that is made up of water, protein, and antibodies. The mucus function is to keep the nasal passages moist and to prevent air borne particles from being inhaled and getting into the lungs.

But, this may sometimes be disrupted when mucus production is affected and ultimately result in excess mucus production.

This excess mucus production may result in mucus running down the throat or block the eustachian tube that connects the nose with the ear.

The type of discharge that may occur as result of excess mucus production will serve as a indication to the underlying cause.

Here are the common types of nasal discharges that give indication to the underlying cause.

  • Watery discharge after having suffered a previos head injury may indicate leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Hot and spicy foods can also stimulate the mucus glands to increase nasal secretion.
  • A thick, yellowish, or green discharge indicates a bacterial infection. This may be accompanied by loss of smell and bad breath.
  • A thick, green colored dischage that is one sided and has foul smell may indicte the presence of foreign substance in the nose
  • A thin and clear discharge indicates a common cold, flu or an allegic reaction. This is likely to occur when a person has taken medication such as antidepressats, asprin, oral contrceptives and the medication is wearing off.

Identifying the type of nasal discharge you have allows you to accurately identify the cause of such nasal discharge.


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