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Post Nasal Drip And Nausea

When a person is suffering from post nasal drip, too much mucus is being produced which can flow backwards down the throat. This may result in an accumulation of either solids or liquids in the throat. The mucus draining will run down into the stomach, instead of running through the nostrils and will consequently produce symptoms of nausea and stomach unease.

Any irritation in the stomach may cause the individual to begin vomiting (this can occur even if the individual has not eaten any foods), as the stomach is trying to turn itself inside-out by to expel the irritant.

Medical help should be sought if one begins to vomit blood, or if the person experiences severe headaches, a stiff neck, confusion or decreased alertness, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, rapid breathing and a fever over 101 (Fahrenheit) or 38.3 (degrees Celsius). A person with post nasal drip should be more concerned about clearing accumulated mucus in the throat in a more effective way as opposed to swallowing the nasal mucus.

Natural Treatment that can be used to treat Post Nasal Drip

Post Nasal Drip
Post Nasal Drip Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Post Nasal Drip, Congestion, Bad Breath and a sore throat
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