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Foods to be avoided if you have a Sinus Infection

Foods to be avoided largely depend on the duration a person has had a sinus infection for. Our body is able to heal and fight off sinus infections if it has the required fuel it needs; this is however not always the case hence we frequently suffer from occasional acute sinus infections or an ongoing chronic sinus problem. Being able to breathe better should be the initial goal of sinusitis treatment together with healing of the cilia (hair-like structures in the nose responsible for the transportation of nasal mucus).

There are however, foods that can make sinus problems worse. To avoid dried mucus build-up that can potentially block the sinuses, one has to keep hydrated, but avoid cold or ice cold drinks regardless of their ingredients. This is because the intake of cold liquids will stall cilia movement within the nose, making it difficult for nasal mucus to flow through the nasal passages.

When a person has occasional acute sinus infection, they will need to stay away from alcohol, chocolate, dairy products, sugar and yeast containing foods until the infection has passed after a few weeks. This is because these types of foods help increase mucus production resulting in a prolonged sinus condition. If the sinus problem is chronic, the infected person will have to avoid these kinds of foods for a longer period or even avoid intake for the rest of their life in order to lessen the effects of a potentially serious, recurring sinus infection.

Natural Treatment that can be used to treat Sinusitis

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