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Our Products & Remedies Sinusitis Homeopathy Blocked Sinuses Order Now Nasal polyps sinus Homeopathy Our Products & Remedies Sinusitis Homeopathy Blocked Sinuses Order Now Nasal polyps sinus

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- Halitosis (Bad Breath)-
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- Nasal Polyps -
- General Sinusitis -
- Sinus Headache -
- Hayfever & Allergy -
- Sinus Pressure -

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7 Healthy Habits to Cultivate:

  1. EAT BREAKFAST – Breakfast has been found to be the most important meal of the day; with benefits such as lowered risk of heart disease, a more stable blood sugar level and increased longevity there’s no reason to miss this meal.
  2. POSTURE – Sitting up straight helps increase the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs which in turn increases oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. You are also less likely to complain of stiff or sore muscles and excess fatigue throughout the day when maintaining the correct posture.
  3. STOP SMOKING – Stopping smoking can greatly improve health. (Did you know, tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals of which over 40 have been found to be contributors to cancer)
  4. DON’T FOGET TO SAY THANKS – Current research has found that people who say thank you tend to be more grateful and yes, happier. They are also better able to withstand negative events.
  5. GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP – Increased sleep makes one look healthier and therefore more beautiful, so if you want to attract that certain someone, make sure to get an early night the night before.
  6. A HEALTHY ORAL CAVITY CONQUERS ALL – The possibility of Heart Disease is greatly influence by oral hygiene with those who brush their teeth and floss twice daily been found to be at less risk of developing heart disease later on in life. Strategize
  7. GET A PET; PREFERABLY A DOG – Dog owners tend to be more energetic, and therefore more physical, improving overall health and vitality.

So be sure to follow the 7 “GOLDEN RULES” to a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle





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