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What is the definition of Post Nasal Drip (PND)?

Post Nasal Drip is a condition in which nasal mucosa lining releases access mucous, which is accumulated in the back of the nose or throat. Presence of mucus in abundance causes restless feelings like dripping of the nose, congestion in the throat, itching in throat, coughing, and a constant feeling to clear the throat and watery eyes, etc.

Nasal mucosa lining releases mucus to keep nasal cavities wet and trap foreign particles like dust, powder, etc. Dust particles can cause severe respiratory problems if it is not filtered through the nose and enters into the internal respiratory system. Mucus assists in combating such respiratory problems but when nasal mucosa starts releasing excess mucus, this may result in irritation and inflammation. When excess mucous is released by nasal mucosa, it is called Post Nasal Drip or Upper Airway Cough Syndrome.

In abbreviated form, Post Nasal Drip is also called PND. A person suffering from Post Nasal Drip may also complain about bad breath because mucus is high in protein which bacteria feed off, thus leading to bad breath. Bad breath could be easily treated, if it is due to bad living habits, how can one control unbearable bad breath if it is due to Post Nasal Drip. By treating the excess mucus bad breath can be controlled.

The Accumulation of mucus in the back of the nose and throat may also cause swelling and bleeding in the nose. A Person suffering from Post Nasal Drip often feels the need to drain the excess mucus, thus feels like they have a cold, but in fact this is not cold. One of the most common causes behind this uncomfortable state of the body is an allergy.

An Allergy can be temporary or persistent. If the allergy is temporary, then problems that occur due to Post Nasal Drip are resolved when the allergy period reaches its end. For example, most of the men and women that suffer from a sore throat, a dripping nose, feelings of mucus collection in the back of nose, feelings of mucus collection in the throat, water eyes, itching, and bad breath in cold or rainy seasons. These people with temporary effect of post nasal drip can be considered lucky in comparison to those who suffer from this irritable disease throughout the year and struggle to resolve it.

Can you just imagine how uncomfortable it is to communicate with others who have bad breath? Can you imagine how difficult it is to keep getting rid of excess mucus from your nose? Can you imagine cleaning water that continues to drain out from your eyes? If the Post Nasal Drip reaches the extent of blood within the your nose, than it is best to seek urgent medical attention. Although, Post Nasal Drip is not so easy to manage, it can be cured and controlled with proper medication and some changes in your lifestyle. In fact, it can be cured and controlled with proper medication and some changes in the life style. Thus when there is treatments available that helps in curing PND, don’t delay and allow Post Nasal Drip to control you life get the help immediately.

Natural Treatment for Post Nasal Drip

Post Nasal Drip
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