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The Symptoms of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is commonly defined as inflammation of the para-nasal sinuses. There are two main stages of sinusitis; namely acute and chronic sinusitis.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of sinusitis:

Acute sinusitis:

A common sign of acute sinusitis includes expulsion of a dense, yellow nasal discharge. Yellow or discolored discharge is often a sign of bacteria in the mucus. This discharge can be released in the form of a runny or stuffy nose and as phlegm. Discharge accumulates at the back of the throat causing post nasal drip, coughing, bad breath (halitosis) and a sore throat. As the body is trying to get rid of the infection, one may also develop a mild fever.

Nasal obstruction or congestion is also common. In some cases, no mucus is seen at all. Difficulty in breathing is experienced since the nasal passages and sinus cavities are blocked with mucus. This blockage and congestion also results in sinus pain, headaches, sinus pressure, swelling and tenderness in the sinus regions (around the eyes, nose, forehead and cheeks).

Aching of the upper jaw and teeth is another common sign of acute sinusitis. When the sinuses above the jaw (in the cheekbones) are infected, toothaches and earaches are common. In some cases, the scenario is reversed, and a tooth infection can spread into the sinuses and cause a sinus infection thereby making people with toothaches vulnerable to sinusitis.

Others experience a lowered sense of smell and taste, as well. Since aromas cannot reach the smell receptors in the nose, due to trapped mucus, the sense of smell is diminished. Sense of taste is directly affected by the sense of smell, so if your sense of smell is diminished so too your taste.

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Persistent sinusitis:

Persistent sinusitis sufferers experience all the symptoms related to acute sinusitis but are also vulnerable to suffering from a number of other symptoms. These symptoms include:

Acute sinusitis symptoms progress from bad to worse over time. Acute sinusitis symptoms usually last between 1 to 4 weeks, while chronic sinusitis symptoms last from weeks to months.

If mild to moderate fever becomes persistent and even after taking medicines, the symptoms keep recurring it is most likely a chronic sinus infection.

Severe headaches and intolerable sinus pain are other warning signs. Some patients also complain of developing confusion, lack of concentration and reduced psychomotor abilities (abilities that influence the capacity to manipulate and control objects). Double and blurred visions are other common symptoms.

A stiff neck and fatigue is also common in this chronic stage due to the pain and the body’s constant attempt to treat itself.

Shortness of breath as a result of completely obstructed nasal cavities and the absolute inability to detect smell and taste can also be experienced in this stage.

The phlegm and mucus produced is thick and either green or yellow-green in color (usually indicative of chronic sinusitis).

Other general symptoms that may be experienced in some cases are sores around and on the inside of the nasal passages (nostrils) and blood spots when blowing the nose. If the sinus infection is caused by a fungal invasion, blackish discharge can appear. (Fungal infections are extremely serious and should be seen by a doctor immediately).

If any of the above symptoms are experienced, patients are advised to seek immediate medical attention.

Persistent Sinusitis
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