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The symptoms caused by congestion and pressure within the sinuses

Sinus Cavities

As we already know, the human body has four synovial (the soft tissue that lines the non-cartilaginous surfaces) cavities in the head – Ethmoid, Maxillary, Frontal and Sphenoid. All these cavities help to lighten the weight of our skulls and generate voice resonance. In the condition where any of these synovial cavities are blocked due to excessive production of mucus, the complete system of the ear, nose and throat cannot work correctly and the voice is affected.

In addition to the above, nasal drainage, headaches, facial tenderness and pain in the affected areas is not unusual. Many sinus conditions are known to be accompanied by fever. Sinusitis is broadly categorized into two types based on the time span of the infection – namely acute and chronic.

Acute sinusitis is considered a shorter version and is defined to last less than a month. A chronic sinusitis infection is considered to be of a longer duration. However, the medical community does not agree on the exact duration. Persistent sinusitis can last for months to years at a time.

In this article let us look at the symptoms caused by the pressure in the sinuses in both accute and chronic sinusitis:

  1. Ethmoid sinusitis: In the case of acute sinusitis, the symptoms are headaches in the temple and behind the eye, fever is known to occur, post nasal drip is normally accompanied with a sore throat and the pain is worse while lying down, coughing or in times of strain. In the case of chronic sinusitis, pain is bad in the mornings and in times when one wears glasses. In both cases, nasal discharge is common.

  2. Maxillary sinusitis: Acute sinusitis in this region is indicated by pain around the eye, cheek bones (tenderness and swelling also occur) and upper teeth, fever and nasal discharge are also observed. A chronic sinus infection in this region is indicated by pressure causing discomfort below the eye, tooth sensitivity, toothache, an increased cough at night and discomfort increases with cold or allergies.

  3. Frontal sinusitis: Acute sinusitis in the frontal cavity can cause sever forehead headaches, fever and nasal discharge. In case of a chronic attack, the symptoms begin with a low-intensity forehead headache that is persistent and chronic post nasal drip.

  4. Sphenoid sinusitis: An acute sinusitis attack in the sphenoid cavity is indicated by fever, deep rooted headache at the back, front and top of the head and visual impairment in case of extreme cases. In case of a chronic sinusitis attack in this cavity, one will feel a persistent low-intensity headache along with a post nasal drip.

In case you feel that you are experiencing any of the set of symptoms mentioned above, it is best to opt for good medical advice and treatment. The symptoms listed above are only indicative and are not a medical opinion.

Depending on various conditions, geographical factors, allergy, infection and your own body, the symptoms may differ and you will need to see your medical practitioner as early as possible for proper treatment and advice.

Most people consider “having sinus” as a simple condition. Apparently the symptoms are quite noticeable, however if it persists and interferes with your daily routine, taking care of it would be a good option. Moreover, the longer an infection stays in your body, the more damage it will do.

Natural Treatment for Sinus Pressure and congestion

Sinus Pressure
Sinus-Pro Remedies Sinus Pressure Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Sinus Pressure, Congestion and Sinus Headaches
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This remedy has been proven to be effective in the following ways:

  • Stops the formation of thick, viscid or ropy mucus
  • Alleviates Pressure that builds up in the maxilla (jaw bone) and at the root of the nose
  • Stops Pressure between the eyes
  • Prevents Pressure that builds up in the Frontal sinuses
  • Stops Congestion
  • Treats throbbing Headaches caused by Sinus Pressure
  • Prevents dry nostrils with the formation of clinkers
  • Treats fatigue caused by sinus pressure

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