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How Do Household Pets Increase One's Risk of Developing Sinusitis?

Many families take great pleasure in keeping a domestic pet in their home. Yet, quite a few people who own pets are allergic to them. A recent study revealed that most people who had pets kept them indoors, including those prone to allergies. Allergies apart, the dander shed by domestic pets is known to trigger symptoms of sinusitis and asthma.


It is commonly believed that animal hair is the primary cause of allergy in people. In fact the real triggers are proteins from the animals’ fur, dead skin, saliva or urine. Once these proteins are released into the air, they trigger these reactions when inhaled by allergy-prone people. Animal fur can also collect pollen, dust and other allergy causing particles. Keeping your pets indoors can increase your chances of developing allergies, so it is best if they are allowed limited movement within your home.


Common symptoms of pet allergy include sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes. Other symptoms are asthma and sinusitis. These conditions can get worse with continuous exposure to pets. On occurrence of these symptoms, consult an allergist to diagnose the exact reason of allergy and discuss the treatment and medication.


Our Hayfever & Allergy Remedy relieves all symptoms accompanying an allergy attack and improves your body’s resistance against further bouts. A unique, highly-effective and affordable solution, Hayfever & Allergy Remedy from Sinus-Pro is just what young adults and kids need to tackle this annoying condition.

Hayfever Allergies
Sinus-Pro Remedies Hayfever & Allergy Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Sneezing, Runny or Blocked noses and Itchy eyes and throat
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Avoiding pets would probably the best way to prevent allergies, but it may not be possible for everyone, especially if you are a pet lover. Keeping pets out of your bedroom reduces the risk of allergy because pets tend to climb onto the bed and shed fur on it. Also keep them from climbing onto furniture.

If you suffer from pet allergy, it is advisable not to hug and kiss your pets, no matter how much you may adore them. Give your pet a wash once a week, as some studies indicate that a weekly wash can bring about a significant reduction in the amount of dander that pets shed.

Talk to a vet about getting a well balanced diet for your pet which can lead to a decrease in hair loss and reduce dander indoors. Vacuum your carpets regularly as these are the perfect havens for allergens. You can also use chemical solutions to get rid of allergens in the carpets. Also vacuum your furniture and beds, as animal fur could have deposited into the small gaps in them. Replacing your carpeting with wooden flooring or other solid surface flooring is yet another way to prevent dander build up on surfaces.  


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