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An Overview of FinESS Sinus Treatment and Balloon Sinuplasty

Persistent sinusitis can be difficult to live with because of the pain and discomfort associated with this ailment. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis and fall prey to frequent bouts of headaches, have trouble breathing or find the congestion in your face and head unbearable then you may need to undergo a minor surgical procedure. Both FinESS Sinus treatment and Balloon Sinuplasty are effective treatments and they use the same basic technique to free up your congested sinus cavities. Once these cavities are enlarged and proper drainage is established, you find immediate relief from all the symptoms associated with sinusitis.

The Procedure Explained  

The surgeon aims at enlarging your narrow sinus cavities through these procedures. Microscopic endoscopes are used to aid in visualization during the procedure. A catheter with a balloon attached at the tip is inserted into the sinus cavities. When the catheter approaches blocked areas, the balloon is gently inflated to widen the passage. In this way, blocked or congested nasal passages are enlarged so that drainage of mucus can take place normally, leading to a significant reduction in the risk of infection and also alleviating sinus related discomfort.

Some Positives to Note

Both the FINess Sinus treatment as well as Balloon Sinuplasty are FDA approved procedures. These are extremely safe and highly non invasive. The procedure may be carried out under local anesthetics in many cases with general anesthesia being recommended by the physicians only for a few patients. The delicate tissues in the sinus cavity are not damaged or scarred in any way when you opt for this intricate procedure.

90% of patients undergoing this treatment come back to work within 48 hours of the surgery. Studies on patients who have been treated with these procedures show that over 65% show a significant reduction in rhinological problems for a period of one year following the procedure.

Adverse Aspects of Balloon Treatments

Although there have been many success stories of chronic sinusitis sufferers finding great relief from endoscopic balloon insertion treatments, there are some negatives to consider too. One important point to note is that patients who have thickened polypoid mucosa should not undergo these treatments. This is because the visibility of the sinus passages is impaired by this thickening, reducing the accuracy of the surgical procedure.

Other than this, some possible adverse effects of these treatments include facial ache, vision impairment, facial bruising or inflammation and potential damage to the nerves in the cheek and lip. The fact that many critical organs such as the eyes and brain lie in such close proximity to the surgical area that it makes it necessary for you to exercise enough caution before undergoing such procedures.

Alternative treatment for Persistent Sinusitis if surgery is not an option

Sinus-Pro's Persistent Sinusitis remedy will effectively treat:

  • Pressure
  • Congested nasal passages
  • Sinus Pain
  • Burning nasal discharge
  • Nasal bleeding accompanied by Sinusitis
  • Swelling and pressure in the nasal passages
  • A nasally sounding tone in your voice
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Rhinitis
Persistent Sinusitis
Persistent Sinusitis Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Pressure, Congestion, Pain, Burning nasal discharge and Headaches.
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