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The Definition of Congestion

Congestion is a word that is used in medicine and has broad implications, but is commonly used to define symptoms of a cold or blood related disorders. In this instance, since we are referring to cold and nasal disorders, we will define congestion as an excessive or abnormal accumulation of mucus and secretions in the air passages of the nose (commonly known as a “common cold”).

The alternative names for congestion within the nasal cavity are called a congested nose or a stuffy nose. Most commonly people associate a congested nose with the nose getting stuffy with excess mucus. It is deduced by an observation in a majority of the cases that a nasal congestion is caused due to the thickening of the nasal tissues that line the air cavity. The thickening occurs due to inflammation of blood vessels in the area which may be caused by bacteria, a viral infection or allergies.

Although the condition is not seriously considered a medical complication, nasal congestion can cause a lot of problems, especially in children. In the case of an infant, nasal congestion can cause a variety of nursing issues in addition to causing long-lasting breathing problems. It is considered an annoyance in adolescents and is not very serious.

In general, nasal congestion can cause hearing problems, speech impediment and may interfere with sleep cycles.

The most general forms of nasal congestion result in a common cold, flu or sinusitis. Let us look at these three conditions in more detail:

  1. Common Cold: The symptoms of a common cold are nasal congestion, sneezing and a runny nose. In addition to these, incidences of headaches, sore throats and a cough may be present. As much as it is difficult to believe, but there are over 200 different kinds of viruses that can cause a common cold. A common cold is the most common of ailments and it is estimated that there are over a billion cases of common colds a year in the US alone. Common colds are contagious and travel rapidly from person to person. A common cold is known to occur all year round but its favorite seasons are the rainy season and winter.

  2. Flu: Flu can be broadly defined as a contagious infection of the throat, nose and lungs and is caused by the influenza virus. Flu caused by influenza “A” virus occurs normally in early winter and early spring while the flu caused by the influenza “B” virus can occur anytime during the year. Flu, as a disease is a little more complicated than the common cold and the incidences are fairly common. It is known that about 35,000 people die of flu related complications within a year alone in the US.

  3. Sinusitis: Sinusitis is a condition where the sinuses are inflamed due to a bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Sinuses are air pockets lined with mucus membranes in the human body and exist in the nasal bones, forehead, eyes and cheeks. When the mucus builds up in the sinuses, it becomes prone to infections thus causing sinusitis. An acute sinusitis is known to last between 2 to 8 weeks and chronic sinusitis lasts longer.

Natural Treatment for Sinusitis

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