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The Complications of having increased congestion and pressure within the sinus cavities

Many people complain about “suffering from sinus”, while they are not wrong in saying so, truth is that we all have sinuses. The difference is that the sufferers have inflamed sinuses that causes pain and irritation. An inflamed sinus is commonly referred to as “having a sinus”. In this article, let us go into a little detail and find out what are sinus cavities and what the pressure can do to them.

The human body has four sinus cavities enclosed in the skull – Maxillary, Sphenoid, Ethmoid and Frontal. The sinus cavities help resonate the voice and make the skull light due to the cavities being air fulled. The nasal passages are lined with cilia (hair like follicles) that help trap particular matter. The vocal cords derive their resonance from the sinus cavities and when they are inflamed, it is commonly seen that the infected person’s voice breaks and there is difficulty in speaking with a nasal sound to the voice.

Sinusitis is a condition where the mucus in these cavities is infected by bacteria, virus or a fungus. This can occur when there is excess mucus production as a result of any minor allergy. Excessive production of mucus results in formation of stagnated mucus in the sinus cavities and this is prone to infections. This is the main cause for development of sinus headaches and infections which are symptoms of increased pressure in these cavities. In time the infected mucus may also become acidic.

The most common symptom of sinusitis is a headache and such headaches originate from the forehead and spread to the back of the head. These headaches are a result of the excessive mucus pressured in the sinus cavities. In addition to this, the tissues of sinus cavities and nasal passages also get inflamed. The inflammation of eyes, cheeks and the nose is common. The headaches also come with some symptoms:

  1. The headaches are worse in the morning since the infection has taken charge during the night. However, the headaches normally ease as the day goes by.
  2. They are worst on cold days.
  3. Moving the head or bending can cause the headaches to worsen. This movement causes the mucus to shift and thus the pain shoots upward.

Tenderness in the areas of infection, especially around the sinus cavities is common and it is best to consult a physician to ascertain the cause of sinusitis and the foundational allergy causing it. If the headaches are regular and persist for more than a month, it would be wise to opt for a recommended treatment. These headaches are a result of excessive mucus that places pressure on the cavities.

Treatment of such headaches is imperative and neglecting the condition can lead to damage of ears, throat, nose or any other related organs. “Having a sinus” thus is not as simple as it sounds…!

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