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What Does the Color and Taste of My Nasal Mucus Mean?

Mucus is a thick, sticky fluid secreted by mucus membranes and glands. It is made up of cells that have the capacity to absorb massive quantities of any fluid. They expand upon mixing with the natural fluids of the body. Mucus membranes line the mouth, nostrils, eyelids, ears, lips and genital area.

What is nasal mucus?

Nasal mucus is produced in the nose to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the nasal passage and causing infections. It also keeps the skin inside the nose moist. Excess mucus production is characterized by a condition known as Post Nasal Drip (PND). The production of nasal mucus is a healthy sign, but an excess or discoloration of mucus is an indicator of ill health.

Color of nasal mucus and what it indicates:

Clear mucus is a healthy sign. But if produced in excess it can be a symptom of flu, cold, acute sinusitis, sinus congestion, hayfever or an allergy.

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Yellow colored mucus indicates that you are suffering from a sinus infection and your body is fighting it. When the body’s defense mechanism is triggered, the clear mucus changes its color to yellow.

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Green mucus is a definite sign of sinus infection. It is thick and is the primary cause of sinus headaches. The thickness of the mucus causes congestion and pressure around the affected area. The body reacts to this by producing more mucus to get rid of the blocked mucus. The production of excess mucus can cause post nasal drip, which causes irritation in the throat glands. This may affect the stomach lining as well.

Brown mucus is discharged when the sinuses bleed as a result of inflammation. Blood mixes with mucus giving it a brownish tinge. Smokers and alcohol consumers usually have damaged and inflamed mucus lining, which results in brown mucus. Tobacco smoke and alcohol act as irritants that can damage mucus lining in the throat. Intake of food such as garlic, red wine, chocolate etc also give a brown tinge to mucus and should not be regarded as an indication of any illness.

White mucus is a rare condition and can be caused by intake of dairy products such as milk. These products cause congestion and pressure build-up in the nasal passages and sinuses. When there is discharge of white mucus, the body suffers fatigue, fever and shooting pain, which indicates a sinus attack.

What the taste of mucus indicates

Patients who often complain about opaque yellow phlegm with metallic taste should get themselves checked for vitamin or zinc deficiency. The metallic taste could also be the aftermath of an influenza attack. People undergoing dialysis also complain of a similar distaste. Other instances of foul tasting mucus can be the result of bronchitis or other respiratory conditions.



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