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How to Protect Your Sinuses from Changes in Seasons and Air Quality

Even though the beautiful spring season is a welcome break from the cruel and cold winters, it is not so for all. A change in the season usually results in a change in temperature and the quality of air, resulting in various skin and lung problems. Whenever there is a change in the humidity levels and quality of air, a number of people are commonly affected by sinus infections, sinus pain and headaches.

Change in Air Quality

With the change in season, comes a change in the humidity levels, which is basically the amount of moisture present in the air. Whenever there is a drop in the temperature, humidity also decreases making the air dry and crisp. This takes away the moisture from your body leaving it dry and chapped. This also leads to respiratory infections, itchy skin, and sinus pain and sinus headaches that are caused mainly due to the change in temperature.

Sinus Problems with Change in Seasons

When there is a change in the temperature and air quality, our sinuses tend to get irritable because of the cold, dry air that causes mucus formation in the lungs. When mucus or phlegm is caused, your sinuses get clogged and are prone to attacks by bacteria and viruses that also cause sinus irritations and infections. In addition to that, a foreign element such as pollen, which is a common air pollutant during spring, also irritates the sinuses and can be considered as one of the major causes for increased sinus problems during the season.


To save yourself from sinusitis, here are a few preventive measures you should take.

Humidity Control: Weather conditions cannot possibly be changed, but we can try to maintain the temperature and humidity levels at our homes. Using humidifiers and dehumidifiers in the house is one way to control temperature and prevent irritation of sinuses.

Air Purifying: If you suffer from chronic sinusitis and are prone to regular sinus attacks during spring season, you should consider having an air purifier at home. This will keep the air free from pollens and other bacterial elements that can create an allergic reaction.

Take Care of Your Health: Humid weather conditions reduce the moisture in your body and make it dry. Dehydration can cause formation of mucus in the lungs which can lead to sinus infections. So drink plenty of water and clean your sinuses regularly with warm water or sinus neti pots. Also, make sure to keep your hands clean and away from your nose, eyes or mouth to prevent sinus infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

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