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How to Avoid Dreaded Spring Allergies

Spring is the season when trees and flowers bloom and release pollen into the air. Pollen particles can travel for miles in the air. Once the pollen comes into contact with our bodies, our immune systems take them for infectious agents and release antibodies, which are substances that fight harmful bacteria and viruses.

As the antibodies attack the pollen, a chemical called histamine is released into the blood causing a running nose, irritation in the eyes and other allergic symptoms. This condition is known as spring allergy. No vaccine exists to permanently prevent spring allergy, so the best you can do is take a few precautions.

Reduce outdoor activity

Pollen count is highest from 5 a.m to 10 a.m in the morning. Reduce outdoor activity during this time. If it is unavoidable to go out during these hours, wear a pollen mask so that your nose is protected from invading particles. Also keep the windows in your home and car shut so that you don’t invite any pollen inside. If you are allergic to grass, get someone to mow any overgrown grass that you may have in your lawn. With a face mask, you could also do it yourself.

Keep your personal space clean

Also remember to keep your personal space clean and dust free. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your home helps a great deal because it can easily get rid of dust particles on the carpet, furniture and walls. Run the cleaner over clothes and bed linen to get rid of any pollen. Change the filter every few times you use the cleaner. Using an air purifier indoors is a good option to keep the air clean. Hot showers are also a good way to keep air-borne pollen and molds away. Avoid using attic or window fans that can actually bring more into pollen into your home.

Treat symptoms immediately

Despite taking these precautions, if you start to exhibit allergic symptoms, it is best to start a course of nasal irrigation. Nasal irrigation involves using a saline to wash out the nasal cavity. This can remove any pollen particles that may have entered your nose.

Honey is very beneficial in preventing any allergic symptoms from occurring. Consuming two tablespoons of honey a day for about two months before the onset of spring helps to ward off any symptoms of allergy. But in case of a serious infection consulting a doctor would be a safer option.


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