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Acute Sinusitis

What is Acute Sinusitis?

A sinus infection can occur after you’ve had a cold. This virus attacks the lining of your sinuses, causing them to swell, and become narrow. You body then produces more mucus to flush the virus out, which gets blocked in the swollen, narrow sinus cavities. This mucus becomes stagnant and causes a sinus infection.

Acute Sinusitis is a sinus infection that lasts for 2-3 weeks and is usually caused by a cold. Acute sinusitis is a bacterial infection that may affect one or more sinus cavities.

Symptoms caused by Acute Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis can cause different symptoms in different age groups. In adults and older children the following symptoms usually last for less than a month:

  • A stuffy nose
  • A discharge from the nose that is yellow/green, bad-smelling or tinged with blood
  • Redness inside the nose
  • A dull pain around the eyes
  • Tenderness in the area of the cheeks or around the eyes
  • Cheek pain that can be mistaken for a toothache
  • A feeling of pressure in the head
  • A headache in the morning when you wake up
  • A headache that gets worse when you bend forward
  • Bad breath

Sometimes there may also be a dry cough or a low-grade fever, and a child may have trouble sleeping. You may have an upset stomach with vomiting and mucus may be present.


Children's symptoms

In younger children the symptoms may be any of the following:

  • A common cold
  • Stuffy nose
  • Runny nose
  • Low fever that continues for 10 days or more
  • Discolored discharge

In a child with allergies, Acute Sinusitis may appear as a stuffy or runny nose that does not improve with the usual doses of allergy medication.


Natural Treatment

Our natural homeopathic General Sinusitis remedy offers a natural, safe and effective solution, which helps unblock the blocked cavities and drain the stuck infected mucus effectively.

Natual Treatment for Acute Sinusitis
Treatment for Sinusitis General Sinusitis Remedy
Assists in the treatment of Acute Sinusitis, Pressure, Congestion and Headaches.

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This remedy has been proven to be effective in the following ways:

  • Stops your symptoms rapidly
  • Dries up the mucus membranes
  • Prevents the development of full blown Sinusitis
  • Prevents congestion
  • Stop the secondary infections of nasal passages and sinuses
  • Prevents headaches and 'sinus attacks'
  • Prevents the back of the nose and throat from becoming infected

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