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My Mom bought me Sinus-Pro products that were recommended by Tim. When I first saw the small package I was quite apprehensive how a tiny bottle can solve my big problem. I have had sinusitis for years, recurring infections and headaches. After 5 days I woke up not realizing I don’t have a headache. Throughout the day I noticed I did not take any headache tablets. I was amazed then and 3 months later still waiting to wake up from this dream. I finally beat sinusitis. Thank you so much, Sinus-Pro products have helped me wake up feeling great and I look forward to years ahead without tablets and sprays.

Thank you once again-
Jane Willson

Over 200 Sinus Symptoms Treated with just 10 Sinus-Pro Natural Products. Natural, Safe, Effective and Affordable!!

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Sinus problems generally occur from Allergies, Viruses, Bacteria and life style choices. Often one problem like a blocked nasal passage may cause another like post nasal drip. Then the post nasal drip in turn blocks up the nasal passages which in turn creates a breeeding ground for bacteria which then results in sinusitis. It is important to treat the conditions as they occur, this will prevent other conditions and will improve overall health.

Our unique, safe for all ages, Homeopathic and Natural Remedies will help give you long lasting sinus relief.

All Sinus-Pro's Remedies are manufactured in a FDA approved facility and we ship worldwide from the USA.

Please explore our website and enjoy your visit at

Sinus-Pro’s vast experience in homeopathic and natural medicine comes from a wide range of homeopaths and natural ingredients with all the Sinus-Pro Remedies being designed to be completely safe, non-toxic and have no known side effects. Click here to view a full list of ingredients which go into each and every remedy.

Should you be unsure of which remedy our staff is available 24/7, 365 Days a year, please call our 24 hour Call Centre on (US Only Toll Free): 877-505-1672 to speak to one of our consultants, or alternatively use our Sinus Diagnosis Tool.

What is a Sinus Cavity?

A sinus cavity is a hollow, air filled cavity.  The human body has 8 sinus cavities (4 pairs) that are positioned around the skull.

  1. Frontal sinuses (in forehead)
  2. Maxillary sinuses (behind cheeks)
  3. Ethmoid sinuses (between the eyes)
  4. Sphenoid sinuses (deep behind the ethmoids).

These four pairs of sinus cavities are often called Paranasal Sinuses. The inner lining cells found surrounding these cavities contain mucus secreting cells, epithelial cells as well as some immune building cells such as macrophages and lymphocytes.

The sinus cavities have important tasks such as to lighten the skull, humidify air into our lungs, increase voice resonance and are our primary defence against bacteria and viruses. Problems begin to occur when one or more of the linings found surrounding these cavities become inflamed or swollen as any inflammation in these areas can hinder the normal drainage of nasal mucus therefore allowing the mucus to accumulate within the sinus cavities and become filled with bacteria. This is why it is of vital importance to treat any inflammation before further complications result… Sinus-Pro Remedies have been designed to effectively target the underlying or root cause of sinusitis and other sinus related conditions thereby assisting with effective as well as long term treatment of sinus conditions.

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